2X FC Jump-N-Run Xena


Jump-N-Run Kennels is located in south Central KY and is owned by Jeff Martin. Rabbit hunting for more than 30 years I became involved in trailing several years ago. I breed and run AKC med/fast registered hounds that have brains, excellent hunt, a good nose, consistent line control and work a check from the inside out. I raise gundogs first and trial dog secondly. My goal is to breed hounds that anyone would be proud to own.

From time to time I will have pups available from select studs for sale. I take great thought before I make any cross. I try to breed the perfect pup. Will it ever happen? That is what we all hope for! Bloodlines include Branko's, Northern Tracker, Northway, Ranger Dan and Ace in The Hole crossed to give the qualities I want in a beagle. I breed based on performance not pedigrees. Believe me I think a great pedigree is the backbone of breeding but they must perform. I breed hounds with the intent that they can compete in AKC Mid-West trials ans well as perform under the gun.

I run AKC SPO trials in the Mid-West Beagle Gundog Association. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy. I have made many friends in this sport and hope to make many more. Come on out join us for a trial!

FC CH HBCH Hine's Quick Kaddie

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